Pastor’s Welcome


Pastor Chester Hitchcock

Welcome to the Medina Seventh-day Adventist Church website.  I am Pastor Chester Hitchcock.  I came to the Medina church in 2003.  I also pastor the Barberton and New Philadelphia churches.   If you are interested in visiting or joining our church here are some things that I am certain will be of interest to you.


  1. You will hear a message of genuine hope focused clearly on Jesus Christ and His love and grace. (rather than religious trivia or guilt).
  2. You won’t be bored. (we enjoy a mix of contemporary and traditional music with a variety of instruments).
  3. You will be welcomed but not harassed. (no one will hound you at home or pressure you to join).
  4. You will meet real people. (perfect people are not allowed).
  5. You may dress for comfort. (no Saturday morning  fashion show or judges critiquing you by a dress code).
  6. The pastor does not preach “at you”. (there is no yelling or pounding on the pulpit either).
  7. Sermons are recorded on CD. (you can have one free of charge to share with a friend).
  8. We promise not to embarrass you. (check in and out at your own pace).
  9. We never ask visitors for money. (the church is supported by the local members so you can leave your check book at home).
  10. While we do not have many children, we experiment with new ideas to minister to them and educate them for Christ. (currently developing a children attendance incentive that rewards kids with Christian education material).

The Medina church has a rich history of service in their community. In the early to mid 1960’s the church began a “Dorcas Society” known today as “Adventist Community Services Center” that is now one of the largest non-profit food pantries that serve the entire Medina County.

We are a small church known for doing big things. We have a multi-cultural congregation that includes Caucasians, African Americans, Philippines, Mongs, Hungarians, Serbians and others.  We are a congregation that welcomes everyone and values men and women equally in our ministry.  We are handicap accessible and make every effort to accommodate those with special needs.

In 2011 we started building a “Prayer Garden”.  The prayer garden is located on the West side of the church with benches, pergola, small pond, memory trees, and flowers to attract humming birds and butterflies.  We recognize that our community needs a place where our neighbors can meet with God and pray or meditate anytime, day or night.  Each year, new things are added to the prayer garden to enhance a visitor’s experience and time with God.

There is a fellowship meal nearly every week so that we can have time to visit and talk after the service.

We trust that your visit to the Medina Seventh-day Adventist Church will be positive and if you wish to join our congregation you will be welcomed by all.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Chester Hitchcock